Tumbling Euro helps hedged ETFs attract most cash in two months


The falling euro is proving a benefit for exchange-traded funds that hedge currency risk. With the euro slumping to its lowest since May, investors last week directed the most money in two months in to the three largest U.S. ETFs that purchase stocks across Europe and control currency fluctuations. Traders are reviving bets on euro weakness as questions regarding the ...

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China could push world into recession: Morgan Stanley


Forget about all the shoes, toys along with other exports. China may soon have another thing to offer the world: an economic downturn. That is the prediction from Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, who says a continuation of China\’s slowdown in the next years may drag global economic growth below 2 per cent, a ...

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Foreign investors’ sale of Canadian securities outpaces purchases in May


International investors sold more Canadian securities than they bought in May, as cross-border mergers and acquisitions drove the first net divestment of equities this season. Sales totalled $5.45 billion, Statistics Canada said Thursday in Ottawa. That was led by $5.66 billion of stocks, as mergers and acquisitions of Canadian companies led to shares changing hands. International investors also bought $514 ...

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Home Capital no ‘canary in the coal mine’: Scotia


Scotia Capital upgraded Home Capital Group Inc. towards the equivalent of a buy rating carrying out a steep 25 % drop a week ago. Home Capital Group’s stock saw a bounce Monday following the upgrade, trading up 2.13 per cent, or 68 cents, to $32.54 by noon. Regardless of the bounce, short curiosity about the stock remains strong, with nearly ...

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Bill Ackman says China’s stock market is more ‘frightening’ than Greece and even the U.S. in 2007


Bill Ackman, the billionaire hedge fund manager who runs Pershing Square Capital Management, said China is really a far bigger concern to markets than Greece which the country’s stock market scares him. “China is a bigger global threat undoubtedly,” Ackman said Wednesday at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference in New York. “The Chinese stock exchange is a fairly ...

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TSX closes in the red for third straight session


TORONTO – The Toronto Stock market closed lower for that third straight session as investors direct their attention to the fundamentals of the Canadian market. The S&P/TSX composite index lost 49.31 points to close at 14,376.24 after starting the day in the black. Allan Small, senior investment adviser at Holliswealth, said the markets had been positive following the resolution of ...

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TSX experiences ‘hangover’ from last week as gold and oil fall


TORONTO ??The Toronto Stock Exchange was dragged down to a triple-digit decline on Monday as gold and oil prices fell. The S&P/TSX composite index closed down 217.29 suggests 14,425.55. The Toronto market’s move mirrored a slide within the prices for both oil and gold. Kevin Headland, director of capital markets and strategy at Manulife Asset Management, said the market was ...

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China vows to prop up market to avoid full-blown crash after stocks tumble 8.5% in a day


China said on Monday it was prepared to buy shares to stabilize the stock exchange and avert \”systemic risks,\” after major indices plunged a lot more than 8 percent in the biggest one-day fall since 2007. The securities regulator also said market authorities would deal severely with anyone engaged in the \”malicious shorting of stocks,\” in Beijing\’s latest make an ...

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Don’t have a defined benefit pension? Here’s how to build one yourself with just three stocks


There are millions of Canadians retiring in the next decade who won\’t have the security of a defined benefit pension to fall back on. Although I\’m sure most people would rather possess a pension compared to not having one, doing without a pension does not have to hinder your golden years. Most folks will end up qualifying for CPP and ...

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Downside risk for Canadian stocks seen shifting away from resources


The Canadian equity marketplace is an easy target for bearish global investors, simply because of its heavy contact with commodities. But it’s helpful to group Canadian stocks into two classes: resource-oriented and anything else. What remains from the S&P/TSX composite index after removing resource stocks has actually matched the performance from the S&P 500 to date in 2015 and in ...

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