Dude, Where’s my pot ETF?


Pot has been generating plenty of buzz. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana, either for medicinal or personal use, while an additional 13 have planned votes by 2016. If the trend toward legalization continues, there’s big profit potential, considering $2.5 billion in legal sales last year-and the estimated $60 billion in illegal sales. ArcView Market Research ...

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How Tiger 21 networking group helps its wealthy members get back on track


Peter Nicholson is a rich man and that he knows it. For more than a quarter of the century, he\’s parlayed a strong entrepreneurial drive right into a growing fortune, which finally count had led to a net worth somewhere north of $20 million. But for the money Nicholson makes, the 50-year old Halifax native can not seem to shake ...

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How much risk will investors add after Greece and the Fed?


Major markets are relatively flat so far in 2015, but there are several reasons to be optimistic about risk assets such as stocks. On the top, things don’t look everything different from this past year. Growth remains pretty weak and easy money is plentiful – this time in Europe, Japan and emerging markets. Global investors who\’ve likely loaded on both ...

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Janet Yellen says Federal Reserve will hike interest rates at some point this year


CLEVELAND – Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen on Friday said she expects the Fed to boost interest rates sooner or later this year, but pointed strongly to her concerns that U.S. labour markets remain weak which more workers might be encouraged into the job market with stronger growth. In a speech that cautioned about the status of workers as well ...

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BlackBerry Ltd sales sagging as Apple Inc’s iPhone keeps gaining momentum


BlackBerry Ltd. appears to be having more difficulty selling its smartphones to end-customers, prompting a decrease in both hardware unit and revenue estimates for 2016 by Canaccord Genuity. Canaccord’s wireless surveys indicate soft smartphone sales for BlackBerry globally, despite somewhat steadier results for its Classic device. However, this positive has been offset by weakening Passport and legacy BB10 smartphone sales ...

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China stocks bounce as Beijing brings down ‘big fist’ on market meltdown, but at what cost?


BEIJING/SHANGHAI – Beijing\’s increasingly frantic attempts to stem a regular market rout were finally rewarded as Chinese shares bounced around 6 percent on Thursday, but the costs of heavy-handed state intervention are likely to weigh on the market for a long time. The rebound came after China\’s securities regulator, in its most drastic step yet to arrest the slump, banned ...

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Greece economic fallout already ‘built into’ markets


Global markets barely shrugged Monday after Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a bailout package from the country\’s creditors. The stop by U.S. and European markets wasn\’t nearly as bad as some analysts had feared, following Sunday\’s referendum that saw 61.3 percent of Greeks vote ‘no’ to a series of tax cuts and reforms that would save Greece from ...

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Energy patch managers stuck in ‘wait-and-see’ mode


The tone at this year’s Calgary Stampede is understandably more sobering compared to the recent past since crude oil and the overall equity market are rather weak. Participants would likely be a little more upbeat if crude had increased from US$60 per barrel, instead of moving down again to the low US$50 range. Analysts at Raymond James, which hosted its ...

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Potash Corp. buying K+S AG far from a sure thing


The market may be factoring in a roughly 60-per-cent chance that Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan successfully acquires K+S AG, but a minumum of one analyst thinks the possibilities much lower. Ben Scarlett at J.P. Morgan downgraded K+S to underweight from overweight as he sees the probability of a deal at nearer to one in three. “An offer is likely to ...

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Jonathan Chevreau: Why dividend funds are a smart financial move


In the search for tax-efficient yield, individual dividend-paying stocks and exchange-traded funds holding baskets of these make more sense than ever in this seemingly perpetual low-interest world. Investors can pick GICs or interest-only instruments that barely yield one or two per cent, and they\’re going to be taxed at the very top marginal rate if they are held outside registered ...

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