The most bearish call on Bay Street: Bank of Canada will slash to 0.25% by year end


One of the biggest bears on Canada’s economy restated his view Friday the Bank of Canada will slash its benchmark rate of interest two more times by the end of the year. “While there is limited scope to reduce interest rates further, the hit from lower oil prices on the?economy takes a heavier toll than widely acknowledged,”said David Madani, Canada ...

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Here are the reasons David Rosenberg is still not worried about Grexit


If Greek Pm Alexis Tsipras did anything with regards to the July 5 referendum call, it had been to finally bring items to a head. An answer is now around the corner so we should actually thank him. But something informs me that the real goal of?Greece’s troika of lenders is to buy the ruling Syriza party (plus its more ...

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Change in the fund industry is coming, like it or not


An S+P Dow Jones Indices event on June 24 called ETFs as a Catalyst for Advisory Growth brought several the process of the exchange-traded-fund industry towards the fore once again. S+P Dow Jones is among the world’s most prominent providers of indexes, notably behind benchmarks like the S&P/TSX 60 in Canada and the S&P 500 ?index within the U.S., so ...

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Millennials don’t trust the stock market, says Goldman Sachs poll


When it comes to the U.S. stock exchange, millennials can\’t even. That\’s the final outcome of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. survey that found 18 percent of the young adults trusted the stock market as \”the best way to save for the future.\” More than 20 per cent of the respondents said they didn\’t know enough about this, while another ...

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Alexis Tsipras cries blackmail as Angela Merkel prods Greece to take ‘very generous’ offer


German Chancellor Angela Merkel pressed the Greek government to simply accept a \”generous\” offer made by creditors, as Pm Alexis Tsipras lamented the terms demanded in return for aid. Euro-area finance ministers result from meet on Saturday to hammer out a contract with Greece, armed with a proposal by creditors to unlock around 15.5 billion euros (US$17.3 billion) and extend ...

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Why investors need to get out of North America


Investors looking to buy the broader market are going to have to go outside The united states if they wish to find any value. That verdict comes from Russell Investments, which released its Quarterly Global Outlook on Tuesday. Canada and the U.S. are currently rated underweight through the manager, which looks at global equity and bond markets based on their ...

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Bill Gross gets personal: ‘I just wanted to run money and be famous’


Bill Gross is here for his favourite doughnut, the cake one with coconut frosting, but he isn\’t going to get it, not today. Jacketless underneath the Southern California sun, Gross ducks beneath the black umbrellas outside Rose Bakery Caf, south of Malibu, looking every bit the merry old bond king. A royal-blue tie, having a cheerful pattern of white birds, ...

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Greece’s creditors face ‘Sopranos’ moment: How do you get money from someone who doesn’t have any?


Watching the continuing saga from the Greek debt crisis, the first is reminded of an early scene within the Sopranos, when Tony runs his nephew\’s Lexus on the poor shlub who hasn\’t paid his gambling debts. Soprano then proceeds to conquer the living daylights out of the guy while yelling \”Where\’s our f-ing money?\” over and over. Now, granted, Christine ...

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Latest Great White Short on Canadian banks not working out: ‘Hedge funds better know what they’re doing’


It looks like round two Great White Short isn\’t playing out the way the short sellers had hoped. For the very first time since 2014, analysts have turned positive on earnings for Canada’s bank stocks, after spending most of 2015 making negative revisions.?Analysts now forecast earnings development of 5 per cent for Canadian banks within the next 12 months, boosted ...

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Loonie needs to be ‘low for longer’ as Canada faces more competition from Mexico


The loonie could make or break the Canadian economy in the next decade. A new report from?Russell Investments Canada says that the Canadian dollar could be more important to economic growth than the direction of commodity prices, including oil. \”Our view would be that the Canadian dollar must remain low for longer in order to regain competitiveness from the U.S.,\” ...

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