Financial turmoil in August? Best keep your smartphone by the pool

Make sure you pack your phone charger as you head off to the sun - and be prepared to make some calls back to the office if the world does start to collapse.

Everybody can take their feet up and relax. We are heading in to the dog days of summer. And even in uncertain times, we can be sure of one thing: nothing associated with a real importance is going to happen within the next four weeks.

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All the people that really matter – the ones running the large corporations, the banks or the Government – is going to be off sunning themselves by a pool somewhere. The interns left out at their desks can\’t make a difference.

Traditionally, nobody expects much business to get done in August. The people who matter are extremely busy wondering if they should snap up that villa in Tuscany advertised in the local estate agent the euro is really cheap, and how they can keep your kids amused until they can pack it well off to school.

The office is all about as busy as the “Invest in Greece” team. The only real people left would be the post boy, the trainee and interns busy updating their Instagram pages. It is impossible to imagine anything of significance happening. Indeed, we\’ve developed cliches for the unimportance of August. In journalism, it\’s known as the “silly season”. In France, it is known as the grandes vacances.