The high list: 5 companies whose shares have recently hit new peaks

CCL, which makes specialty-packaging products for consumer products companies like Heineken, is up 33.5 per cent this year and 54.5 per cent over the past 52 weeks.

One of the best investment strategies (at least for me) over the past Twenty five years is to find ideas by perusing the brand new high lists each day.

A new high means someone, somewhere, has just paid a brand new level for any stock, one that has not been seen before. Thus, you realize at least one investor believes something great is happening at the company and is willing to repay in order to participate.

Like everything in the market, there isn\’t any guarantee, but a minimum of this can generate some new ideas, and also you know that you have some friends buying with you.

Companies hitting new highs these days might genuinely have something going for them, because of the fears of China crashing and, of course, the never-ending Greek saga.

Indeed,?the brand new high list gets shorter and shorter every single day because the markets have generally been weaker of late.

Let\’s take a look at five companies whose shares have hit new highs previously week. For shares to complete well within this environment, maybe something really good is going on at these five companies.