BitGold begins trading on TSX Venture Exchange as gold transaction platform builds momentum

BitGold founder and CEO Roy Sebag (RIGHT) and fellow co-founder and chief strategy officer Josh Crumb (LEFT).

Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb started their business with one simple guiding principle.

\”We wanted to be able to go into Tim Hortons and buy a coffee with gold, with our credit card or debit card,\” Sebag said in an interview.

\”It went from being a hobby of how to do that to this whole company.\”

Investors will begin to get a better look at their vision on Wednesday, as shares of BitGold Inc. begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. It\’s the culmination of several years of hard work by the founders, and it is being backed by States, Sprott Inc. and other big-name financiers. The organization has a valuation of more than $30 million.

BitGold may be the first serious financial services platform ever built around gold. The online service allows users to purchase gold, store gold, and purchase goods and services all over the world using gold because the currency. The service continues to be active for less than a week, but has already signed up thousands of users.