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Bank of Nova Scotia upgraded to outperform


Investors have frequently owned Bank of Quebec for its international operations – valuing growth abroad over relatively slower business in North America. The bank has operations in more than 55 countries around the world, primarily in Latin America and also the Asia-Pacific region, but also in Europe and the Middle East. Late last year, chief executive Brian Porter announced a ...

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Deutsche Bank appoints John Cryan as new CEO in surprise revamp


FRANKFURT – Deutsche Bank AG named John Cryan as ceo in a surprise revamp after Anshu Jain and Juergen Fitschen struggled to win investor backing for a strategy overhaul. Cryan, the former chief financial officer at UBS Group AG, will run the firm alongside Fitschen after Jain leaves on June 30, the organization said inside a statement on Sunday. The ...

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Bank of America: The biggest risk to global stocks is exactly the opposite of what most people think


No one knows for sure when the Fed can make its first rate hike in nearly ten years, but Bank of America says most people are ignoring an interesting risk: that the Fed doesn’t hike and actually embarks on another round of QE. Here’s an excerpt from the note sent by the firm and lead analyst Savita Subramanian. Bond swings ...

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Chances of Bank of Canada interest rate cut sit at 35%, says RBC’s Eric Lascelles


Chances the Bank of Canada will cut interest rates in the next couple of months are about one in three as a weaker currency does not boost exports and companies continue to grapple with lower oil prices, according to Eric Lascelles. Loonie overvalued by 10%, dragging on Canadian growth: CIBC CIBC World Markets says the loonie continues to be overvalued ...

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Why the Bank of Canada’s ’emergency surgery’ rate cut didn’t work


For months now, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz as well as an accompanying chorus of economists happen to be predicting that the second quarter would be turnaround time. \’R\’ word returns to haunt Canada as economy does not shake off oil price plunge Data out this week showed the damage of oil’s collapse is deeper than many thought, raising ...

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The most bearish call on Bay Street: Bank of Canada will slash to 0.25% by year end


One of the biggest bears on Canada’s economy restated his view Friday the Bank of Canada will slash its benchmark rate of interest two more times by the end of the year. “While there is limited scope to reduce interest rates further, the hit from lower oil prices on the?economy takes a heavier toll than widely acknowledged,”said David Madani, Canada ...

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Canada is already in a recession, says Bank of America, and the loonie is set to get hammered


Bank of America Merrill Lynch is just about the first bank to for a Canadian recession this year. \’R\’ word returns to haunt Canada as economy does not shake off oil price plunge Data out this week showed the damage of oil’s collapse is deeper than many thought, raising fears that we\’re slipping into recession and speculation the Bank of ...

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Is RBC the next too-big-to-fail global bank?


Royal Bank of Canada may be the first Canadian bank included around the Bank of International Settlements’ list of too-big-to-fail global financial institutions based on its 2014 year-end balance sheet. The listing of Globally Systemically Important Banks (G-SIB) was first unveiled in 2011 and is largely based on a bank’s size and inter-connectedness, which triggers higher capital requirements. Canaccord Genuity ...

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Bank of Canada cuts rate, guts loonie, confirming it’s going to be an ugly year for the Canadian dollar


The perfect storm for the loonie has arrived, say analysts, using the Bank of Canada rate cut, weak oil prices, a pokey economy along with a looming Federal election all ganging facing Canada’s currency. David Rosenberg just got a whole lot more cautious on the Canadian dollar We could be at the beginning of an extended bear market for the ...

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TSX closes higher after Bank of Canada cuts interest rate


TORONTO – Canada\’s main stock index rose on Wednesday after the Bank of Canada cut rates of interest to try to stimulate a sputtering economy, helping lift the shares of financial companies. The benchmark Canadian index wound up for a fourth straight session, benefiting now from a bailout deal reached by Greece and its creditors. The Bank of Canada cut ...

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