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How bond ETFs can help during big market selloffs


A well-known maxim in the realm of investing is the fact that to get a good read on the outlook for equities, you need look no further than the text market. Gauging from all the latest hoopla in the realm of bonds, greater caution looks to be in order. Stocks are no longer cheap, normalization within the U.S. is on ...

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Big Canadian investors push for more say in director nominations


An organization backed by the country\’s biggest pension funds and cash managers is looking on Canada to adopt U.S.-style rules to make it easier for large shareholders to appoint directors for election to company boards. The Canadian Coalition permanently Governance, whose members include the Canada Type of pension Investment Board and CIBC Asset Management Inc., is urging Industry Canada to ...

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Millennials are the next big investment trend — here’s how to play it


One of the most maligned generations may be one of the best investment plays in the next few decades. Millennials, those born from 1980 towards the early aughts, are set to overtake the infant boomers as the largest living generation within the U.S. this year, while they already form the largest generation globally, numbering two billion strong. Boomers still have ...

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The next few weeks are big for McDonald’s Corp. turnaround plan


McDonald’s Corp.’s new promotion down south that offers customers a little fries along with a double cheeseburger for US$2.50 bodes well for that company’s prospects come july 1st. The nationally advertised U.S. value tier looks nearly the same as one David Palmer at RBC Capital Markets believes worked well for the fast-food chain in the New York City area, giving ...

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Is RBC the next too-big-to-fail global bank?


Royal Bank of Canada may be the first Canadian bank included around the Bank of International Settlements’ list of too-big-to-fail global financial institutions based on its 2014 year-end balance sheet. The listing of Globally Systemically Important Banks (G-SIB) was first unveiled in 2011 and is largely based on a bank’s size and inter-connectedness, which triggers higher capital requirements. Canaccord Genuity ...

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Loonie falls further following big drop on Wednesday, stock markets close higher


TORONTO – The loonie continued to slide on Thursday, reaching its minimum since March 2009 after losing more than a cent against the greenback following the Bank of Canada\’s rate cut on Wednesday. The Canadian dollar declined 0.3 of the cent to shut at 77.10 cents U.S. on the day after the central bank cut a quarter-point from the benchmark ...

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