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World’s biggest banks are warning that commodity prices have disconnected with reality


The big global banks have started to warn clients the blistering rally in oil and industrial commodities over recent weeks has run far ahead of economic reality, raising the risk of a fresh slump in prices within the summer. Our stock markets are headed for turbulence – and there's nothing Canada can perform about it Joe Chidley: Canada is stuck ...

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Bank of America: The biggest risk to global stocks is exactly the opposite of what most people think


No one knows for sure when the Fed can make its first rate hike in nearly ten years, but Bank of America says most people are ignoring an interesting risk: that the Fed doesn’t hike and actually embarks on another round of QE. Here’s an excerpt from the note sent by the firm and lead analyst Savita Subramanian. Bond swings ...

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China is having its biggest stock meltdown since 1992, but Goldman Sachs still predicts a 27% rally


China\’s biggest stock-market rout since 1992 has done nothing to erode the bullish outlook of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Greece, China and oil troubles are adding up to some world of catastrophe for investors Joe Chidley: It appears as though things have taken a turn for that worse for investors as Greece’s financial crisis flares, China’s stock market bubble bursts ...

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China overtakes Greece as the biggest threat to global markets


For investors, China\’s stock market crash is another worrying rise in an already-fraught global economy. But for China\’s ruling Communist Party, the crash would likely represent an existential threat. The scale of China’s response to the crash, which has wiped out 30 percent of its stock markets’ value in less than a month, implies that the Communist Party is scared ...

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Oil caps the biggest monthly drop since 2008: ‘July has been a massacre’


Oil capped its biggest monthly stop by almost seven years on speculation that increased OPEC supplies and threats to demand in China will prolong a global glut. West Texas Intermediate oil slid 2.9 percent Friday, bringing the monthly drop to 21 percent. U.S. crude stockpiles are almost 100 million barrels above the five-year seasonal average, while exports from southern Iraq ...

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