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Are Canadian rate-sensitive funds on sale?


The focus on Greece may soon be considered a rear-view mirror event, but Canadian investors should still be thinking about last week’s Bank of Canada’s rate cut, especially since U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has reiterated the onset of interest rate normalization south from the border continues to be a 2015 event. Regardless of whether rates of interest are ...

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Why investors shouldn’t abandon the Canadian housing market


There were a couple of months early in 2015 once the U.S. housing industry didn’t look so excellent. That dragged down a wide range of stocks, but the data has picked up since then, making housing an attractive opportunity for investors seeking value in the U.S. equity market. One way to play this trend is thru Canadian lumber companies, and ...

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Canadian companies looking for mergers and acquisitions outside ‘stagnant’ domestic economy, says report


MONTREAL – With the domestic economy stuck in neutral, the majority of the money spent on acquisitions by Canadian companies went outside the country within the last quarter, according to a report released by Crosbie & Company Thursday. Cross-border transactions within the second quarter of 2015 represented 42 per cent of all announcements, however, 76 per cent of the total ...

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As Canadian economy leaves little to feel good about, investors stay in reactive mode


For the millions of Canadians who are unemployed or underemployed, or who are struggling to make mortgage payments even though interest rates are super-low, or who feel they\’re doing more work for pretty much exactly the same pay every year after year, or who\’re seeing the prices of food and other goods rise because of the plummeting loonie, or who\’ll ...

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Three reasons for Canadian investors to put on rose-coloured glasses


Canadian stocks just booked what was, by any measure, a crappy month. Towards the end of July, the S&P/TSX composite was the worst-performing developed-market stock index on the planet, falling by nearly five per cent last month and by more than 12 per cent since the oncoming of 2015. Over the past Twelve months, the TSX has dropped by four ...

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7 top Canadian stocks that have a secret weapon in the commodities rout


The best-performing Canadian stocks amid the commodities rout have one thing in common: the mighty U.S. dollar. Earnings estimates published by Bloomberg suggest their run will continue. How short sellers are accumulating a new front in their war on Canadian stocks The TSX continues to be weighed down yesteryear year by commodities. But now it faces a new threat: foreign ...

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