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Want in on China’s A-shares? The devil is in the details


Investors, even at the best of times, have a habit of running after bright shiny objects and latching on just like a fish to some lure. However in a sideways market, where everyone is chasing after any little nibble of growth, this natural inclination towards hype is amplified. It\’s easier than ever to invest in Chinese stocks. Here\’s how to ...

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It’s stocks over cars in China


The rally in mainland China-listed A shares seems to be having a negative impact on the country’s auto market because the general public seems to prefer the equity sell to putting their cash into a depreciating asset such as a car. Nick Lai, head of Asia Auto Research at J.P. Morgan, admitted that it’s difficult to quantify this takeaway from ...

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China stock market bubble debate turns to when, not if, stocks will crash


It\’s no longer an issue of whether China\’s stock-market rally is really a bubble, however when the bubble will burst. Want in on China\’s A-shares? The devil is incorporated in the details Investors, even in the best of times, have a habit of chasing after bright shiny objects and latching on just like a fish to some lure. But in ...

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What’s going on with China’s stock market?


China’s stocks look to be falling back down to reality. After a legendary rally that saw the Shanghai Composite index climb a lot more than 40% this year and also the tech-heavy Shenzhen Composite rise a world-leading 90%, a correction – or maybe worse – looks to be in the works. Last week both indices lost more than 10%, falling ...

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China bears rush to short U.S. ETF at record pace as rally fades


U.S. investors have never been so believing that the rally in China\’s mainland stocks is ending. Short curiosity about the largest exchange-traded fund tracking yuan-denominated equities rose to a record 16 percent of shares outstanding Wednesday as bets on the price drop almost doubled from a month ago, based on data compiled by Markit and Bloomberg. Traders pulled $258 million ...

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China stock rally comes to sudden halt as Shenzhen Exchange falls almost 13%


It is known as China\’s Silicon Valley and it is home to the earth\’s hottest stock market rally – a rally analysts worry is in the process of becoming undone. Shenzhen, a town north of Hong Kong around the Chinese mainland, is the headquarters of China\’s biggest technology firms. Until last week, stocks on its tech-heavy stock market had surged ...

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Boom, bust, repeat: China’s US$8 trillion equity market is behaving like a penny stock


It looks like the cost chart of the over-the-counter penny stock: dizzying gains, abrupt U-turns, harrowing declines. If you believe Greece is bad, China could actually be a much bigger problem China\’s equity markets happen to be taking a real whacking for a while now, as a result. That\’s disquieting enough. Yet the actual concern is any knockdown effect within ...

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China’s brokers dust off Wall Street playbook from 1929 crash as investors look to stem rout


On Wall Street in 1929, it had been the great banking houses of J.P. Morgan and Guaranty Trust Company. Forget about Greece as it were – China might be a much bigger problem If for just a few minutes, try to forget about Greece – as many would surely wish to – and spare a concept for another possible trouble ...

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China is having its biggest stock meltdown since 1992, but Goldman Sachs still predicts a 27% rally


China\’s biggest stock-market rout since 1992 has done nothing to erode the bullish outlook of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Greece, China and oil troubles are adding up to some world of catastrophe for investors Joe Chidley: It appears as though things have taken a turn for that worse for investors as Greece’s financial crisis flares, China’s stock market bubble bursts ...

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Greece, China and oil troubles are adding up to a world of catastrophe for investors


In ancient Greek tragedy, there was always a point where events took a turn for that worse. Things seemed to be going well, the hero was on his way up, and then, poof, it was gone. Mayhem and misfortune followed. Investors these days might be wondering if they haven\’t reached that inflection point, too. This is not only because of ...

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