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How bond ETFs can help during big market selloffs


A well-known maxim in the realm of investing is the fact that to get a good read on the outlook for equities, you need look no further than the text market. Gauging from all the latest hoopla in the realm of bonds, greater caution looks to be in order. Stocks are no longer cheap, normalization within the U.S. is on ...

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Why bond ETFs have little to fear from a market collapse


Mark Wiedman believes the corporate bond marketplace is facing big problems when interest rates start to rise, however the global head of BlackRock Inc. iShares isn\’t overly concerned about the impact that may have on his firm\’s lineup of fixed-income exchange-traded funds. To the contrary, Wiedman sees no reason to believe that ETFs is going to be any less resilient ...

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Investors in Russian ETFs are getting whipsawed


Price swings in the biggest exchange-traded fund tracking Russian stocks surged from the one-year low as investors weighed the prospect of prolonged international sanctions against a better economic outlook. Thirty-day historical volatility on the market Vectors Russia ETF jumped to 31 percent last week after bottoming out at 21 per cent on May 29. The price increased 0.8 per cent ...

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Leveraged loan ETFs in Canada boost defences in case of selloff


Canadian exchange-traded funds that buy leveraged-loans are shoring up defences against an abrupt flight by investors. The Horizons Senior Loan ETF received approval from the Ontario Securities Commission to enhance borrowing limits to help meet potential redemptions in an asset class where it will take as long as 20 days to shut a trade. First Trust Advisors, which manages the ...

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Active ETFs gain in Canada as challenge to high-fee mutual funds


Actively managed exchange-traded money is surging in Canada, posing challenging to the mutual-fund industry that Morningstar says has one of the highest management fees on the planet. Assets in actively traded ETFs jumped to around $7.33 billion as of May 31, up almost Half from a last year, according to data published by Bloomberg. The funds, which hire portfolio managers ...

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Tumbling Euro helps hedged ETFs attract most cash in two months


The falling euro is proving a benefit for exchange-traded funds that hedge currency risk. With the euro slumping to its lowest since May, investors last week directed the most money in two months in to the three largest U.S. ETFs that purchase stocks across Europe and control currency fluctuations. Traders are reviving bets on euro weakness as questions regarding the ...

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Is this the beginning of the end for dividend ETFs?


Dividend ETFs are on fire, and not in a great way. Exchange-traded funds that use a variety of strategies to invest in dividend-paying stocks happen to be a no-brainer because the financial crisis, as income investors have confronted artificially low interest rates. But after many years of inflows that swelled assets to US$100 billion, dividend ETFs have experienced an outflow ...

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