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Jonathan Chevreau: The lowdown on ‘smart’ investment funds


There\’s a perception among exchange-traded-fund investors that traditional broadly diversified market-cap-weighted money is the \”old guard\” and newer \”smart beta\” or \”factor index\” goods are the wave of the future. But as various speakers at a BMO ETF and mutual funds conference in Chicago in April explained, so-called strategic beta products often constitute old wine in new bottles. Ben Johnson, ...

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Money for something: Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc.’s Tom Bradley is taking on the big banks


Tom Bradley wakes up some mornings “scared shitless.” In those moments, the president and co-founder of Steadyhand Investments Inc. wonders how his firm’s mutual funds may possibly compete against the dominance of Canada’s biggest banks. “It seems like they could just crush us,” he explained. “They are so powerful and also have their hooks within the client in a lot ...

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Investors add most gold to funds in 5 months amid Greek impasse


Investors bought probably the most gold through physically-backed funds in almost five months as Greece and it is creditors going to last-ditch talks. Bullion prices were little changed and palladium was near a two-year low. Gold exchange-traded product holdings rose 6.9 metric tons, the most since Feb. 2, to 1,598.7 tons, data published by Bloomberg as of Thursday show. Assets ...

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Jonathan Chevreau: Why dividend funds are a smart financial move


In the search for tax-efficient yield, individual dividend-paying stocks and exchange-traded funds holding baskets of these make more sense than ever in this seemingly perpetual low-interest world. Investors can pick GICs or interest-only instruments that barely yield one or two per cent, and they\’re going to be taxed at the very top marginal rate if they are held outside registered ...

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Hedge funds post best returns in years


Global hedge funds reached the halfway mark in 2015 with some of their best returns in a long time, but performance cooled off in June from growing losses in Asia Pacific and Europe, based on the latest statistics from Preqin, a study firm focused on the alternative assets industry. “The industry has had a run of five months of positive ...

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Never mind hedge funds, ETF trade has now topped America’s entire GDP


Everyone is talking about how exchange-traded funds have now overtaken?hedge funds in terms of total assets. That\’s small change?compared with?how much ETFs?trade nowadays. In yesteryear 12 months investors traded US$18.2 trillion price of ETF shares, based on data from the New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg. That\’s?a 17 per cent increase from the 12 months prior and most triple what ...

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