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‘Good news’ expected to boost European stocks


European stocks have been hit hard by Grexit fears so far this month, but that just makes them more attractive, says Citigroup Global Markets. Jonathan Stubbs, the U.S. bank’s equity strategist located in Europe, said earlier this month that the continent’s solid macro backdrop and improved earnings are expected to deliver returns close to 40 percent over the next 18 ...

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Good news is bad news in a world of unprecedented uncertainty for markets


In the topsy-turvy world that\’s been created by years of low low interest rates, what was once good news is now bad news. And vice versa. For central bankers like U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, this can be a problem, as they try to figure out how to return to \”normal\” monetary ...

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Online gambling is proving to be a good bet for savvy investors


It’s here we are at investors to put away any reservations they\’ve already about the morality of gambling. It’s everywhere C on your TV, in the corner store and, most notably, on your computer, and there\’s simply too much growth to disregard. Just in case you haven’t noticed, there\’s been a flurry of online gaming companies appearing in Canada, quickly ...

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Why was Apple Inc’s stock punished? It’s their own fault for being so good


Here\’s a wee quiz: a business releases quarterly earnings that handily beat analyst estimates, reporting healthy margins, double-digit percentage year-over-year profit growth, along with a 35-per-cent increase in sales of its main product. What goes on to the stock price? Tech rally knocked out cold with Apple Inc poised for worst reduction in market value yet Five days after Google\’s ...

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As Canadian economy leaves little to feel good about, investors stay in reactive mode


For the millions of Canadians who are unemployed or underemployed, or who are struggling to make mortgage payments even though interest rates are super-low, or who feel they\’re doing more work for pretty much exactly the same pay every year after year, or who\’re seeing the prices of food and other goods rise because of the plummeting loonie, or who\’ll ...

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