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Zargon Oil and Gas Ltd bows to hedge fund pressure and chops dividend


CALGARY C An American hedge fund got the outcomes it wanted in pushing management at Zargon Gas and oil Ltd. to chop the company\’s dividend. Livermore Partners had been pushing Calgary-based Zargon to get rid of its dividend entirely however the fund\’s managing director David Neuhauser said within an email the changes Zargon announced Monday were \”consistent using what we ...

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Hedge funds post best returns in years


Global hedge funds reached the halfway mark in 2015 with some of their best returns in a long time, but performance cooled off in June from growing losses in Asia Pacific and Europe, based on the latest statistics from Preqin, a study firm focused on the alternative assets industry. “The industry has had a run of five months of positive ...

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Never mind hedge funds, ETF trade has now topped America’s entire GDP


Everyone is talking about how exchange-traded funds have now overtaken?hedge funds in terms of total assets. That\’s small change?compared with?how much ETFs?trade nowadays. In yesteryear 12 months investors traded US$18.2 trillion price of ETF shares, based on data from the New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg. That\’s?a 17 per cent increase from the 12 months prior and most triple what ...

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