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Investors can pay now for Fed rate hike, or pay more later


If the U.S. Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged at its Wednesday policy meeting not surprisingly, it will please lots of equity investors who have greatly benefited from the central bank’s zero rate of interest policy over the past six years. But in other words the old oil filter commercial: Investors will pay now, or pay later. The Fed’s ongoing ...

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Will a Fed hike trigger a bond meltdown this fall?


A new report from Citigroup warns it does not matter how the U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates this year, it\’ll result in bond market panic. Bond yields always have a tendency to rise in response to rate hikes by central banks, but the bond market today is much different than during past rate hikes, Citi said. In particular, liquidity ...

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Janet Yellen says Federal Reserve will hike interest rates at some point this year


CLEVELAND – Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen on Friday said she expects the Fed to boost interest rates sooner or later this year, but pointed strongly to her concerns that U.S. labour markets remain weak which more workers might be encouraged into the job market with stronger growth. In a speech that cautioned about the status of workers as well ...

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Does the Fed have enough data to hike in September?


There is no longer question that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, but there is some uncertainty about how exactly many hikes are coming. Market watchers are looking to the central bank’s September meeting because the time when the Fed will ultimately lift rates off the ground, particularly after Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony last week. The primary ...

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Fed on track for possible September rate hike amid improving economy, job market


WASHINGTON – The U.S. economy and employment market continue to strengthen, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday, leaving the doorway open for any possible interest rate hike when central bank policymakers next meet in September. Following a two-day policy meeting, Fed officials said they felt the economy had overcome a first-quarter slowdown and was \”expanding moderately\” despite a downturn within ...

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