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Where great investing ideas come from — and how to make them work


One of the signs that I must be getting old is that I’m often inspired to speak to young graduates concerning the \”secrets of success.\” Five investing tips from the former sell-side analyst Want to know how to best use and interpret research reports. Here’s the way the do-it-yourself investor can act like a pro in a few easy steps ...

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Is there a huge investing opportunity in the oil markets?


A rare occurrence now happening on oil markets may well be a huge opportunity for investors who play it right, says Tim Pickering, president and chief investment officer at Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd. Pickering said Canadian crude prices are currently in “backwardation,” which means the future prices are expected to be less than the spot price, but every other crude ...

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Taking a global view on investing in Canadian stocks


Canadian dollar weakness, disappointing growth prospects and two interest rate cuts through the Bank of Canada are earning many global investors fearful of Canada’s equity markets these days, not to mention the bear market in lots of commodities. But it wasn’t so long ago that sentiment was pretty bullish on Canada. By early 2015, United states stocks had significantly rebounded ...

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3 important investing lessons from the best investor you’ve never heard of


In 1955 an unknown employee of Benjamin Graham named Walter Schloss quit the firm to start his own investment partnership. Annually later, another relatively unknown man named Warren Buffett did the same thing. While Buffett got the majority of the attention from that point forward, we can\’t discount what Schloss did. From 1955 to 1995 Schloss and his son Edwin-who ...

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