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Millennials are the next big investment trend — here’s how to play it


One of the most maligned generations may be one of the best investment plays in the next few decades. Millennials, those born from 1980 towards the early aughts, are set to overtake the infant boomers as the largest living generation within the U.S. this year, while they already form the largest generation globally, numbering two billion strong. Boomers still have ...

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Why this chief investment officer is shunning the U.S. in favour of Chinese stocks


The S&P 500 is 35-per-cent higher than it was at its 2007 peak, and it’s also more expensive on a price-to-earnings basis. That’s simply not a great starting point for generating good long-term returns, so investors may need to look elsewhere, but where? Brad Radin, chief investment officer at Radin Capital Partners, thinks the best value nowadays is in Hong ...

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As investment gurus sound alarm, what’s the next bull market asset class? Still equities


The chorus of investment gurus warning about a major downturn in equity markets grew louder this week when Carl Icahn said stock investors have \”a lot to be concerned about it\” during an appearance on Fox Business Network. How to get richer, faster: Private equity is your best bet Two dominant themes inevitably present themselves when discussing the purpose of ...

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Canada’s investment industry urges regulators to ‘step back’ from strained credit markets


Canada\’s investment industry association is urging regulators to back off shaky global credit markets. Liquidity in global bond markets has already been low, and proposed reforms?“run considerable chance of further debilitating” the credit market, warns Ian Russell, leader of the Investment Industry Association of Canada. Canada is relocating lockstep with European and U.S. regulators to overhaul the financial system, and ...

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Money for something: Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc.’s Tom Bradley is taking on the big banks


Tom Bradley wakes up some mornings “scared shitless.” In those moments, the president and co-founder of Steadyhand Investments Inc. wonders how his firm’s mutual funds may possibly compete against the dominance of Canada’s biggest banks. “It seems like they could just crush us,” he explained. “They are so powerful and also have their hooks within the client in a lot ...

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