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Why it’s time for investors to set up a European front


It’s pretty hard to bet from the U.S. equity market these days, but with increases of the past couple of years looking like they’ll be tougher to conquer by the day, it may be finally time for investors to make a push into Europe. The U.S. economy continues to be the best of quite a bad lot globally for the ...

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Don’t know which market guru to listen to these days? Investors need a strategy with many shades of grey


It’s difficult to know who to believe these days.?For every market guru for example Bill Gross who says financial markets are set for an accident, there are others like David Rosenberg who say there’s you don\’t need to panic. But as difficult as getting it right may appear at this stage in the cycle, it might be just as vital ...

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Why investors need to ignore futile investment forecasts


It\’s been a fascinating past fourteen days with the New Democratic Party winning the Alberta election, the Calgary Flames getting eliminated in the playoffs and I ruptured my Calf msucles at a father-son pickup the game of basketball. The one thing the 3 events have in common is that Never imagined any of them would happen. Perhaps there is a ...

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Are investors getting ready to bet against Canada — again?


Investors betting against Canada isn’t new and it certainly didn’t work the final time investors felt so pessimistic concerning the country’s future. But a lot of short money is sitting on the sidelines and watching the Canadian banks following the crash in oil prices and also the resulting damage to the country’s economy. Six reasons the world should be paying ...

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Big Canadian investors push for more say in director nominations


An organization backed by the country\’s biggest pension funds and cash managers is looking on Canada to adopt U.S.-style rules to make it easier for large shareholders to appoint directors for election to company boards. The Canadian Coalition permanently Governance, whose members include the Canada Type of pension Investment Board and CIBC Asset Management Inc., is urging Industry Canada to ...

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Energy ETF investors are betting oil’s rally is already over


Investors are cautiously pulling money out of energy producers the very first time in eight months, taking short-term gains after oil rebounded from the six-year low. More than $1.55 billion has been withdrawn this month from exchange-traded funds concentrated on energy stocks for example Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. It\’s on pace for the first monthly setback for the ...

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Foreign investors snapped up most Canadian stocks on record in first 4 months of year


OTTAWA – Foreign investors bought Canadian securities for that fourth straight month in April, snapping up $12.94 billion to create a new record for that opening 4 months of a year, Statistics Canada said on Tuesday. Non-residents bought $5.04 billion in Canadian bonds, led by investment in federal government bonds, in addition to $4.24 billion in money market paper and ...

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Investors in Russian ETFs are getting whipsawed


Price swings in the biggest exchange-traded fund tracking Russian stocks surged from the one-year low as investors weighed the prospect of prolonged international sanctions against a better economic outlook. Thirty-day historical volatility on the market Vectors Russia ETF jumped to 31 percent last week after bottoming out at 21 per cent on May 29. The price increased 0.8 per cent ...

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Investors beware: Bubbling tech sector now rife with risk


Investors have apparently forgotten that they have suffered through two severe downturns previously 15 years. Driven by easy money from global central banks through quantitative easing and persistently low interest rates, and buoyed by strong returns in equity markets like the U.S. and even Canada, investors are hungrily gobbling up any shiny new object which comes online. Making it pay: ...

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Investors can pay now for Fed rate hike, or pay more later


If the U.S. Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged at its Wednesday policy meeting not surprisingly, it will please lots of equity investors who have greatly benefited from the central bank’s zero rate of interest policy over the past six years. But in other words the old oil filter commercial: Investors will pay now, or pay later. The Fed’s ongoing ...

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