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Why the sky still isn’t falling on Canada’s real estate market


American economist Paul Samuelson back in 1966 famously said of the predictive power of stock markets that \”Wall Street has correctly predicted nine out of the last five recessions.\” Nowadays, you could say much the same thing, in a different way, about the Canadian housing market. At $1.11 million, Toronto\’s detached home is climbing further from reach As the Toronto ...

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It’s another brutal day for bonds as market braces for ‘wild’ jobs report


U.S. government bonds fell as investors braced for another day of heightened volatility before jobs data that could offer a sign the economy can withstand the government Reserve beginning to increase interest rates. Why no one should be surprised by the bond collapse This week\’s bond rout has traders panicking and investors making frantic calls to their advisers because the ...

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Gold could rally if market fears over Greece keep escalating


Gold prices haven’t budged much because of Grexit fears over the past few months, however the precious metal may still benefit from the ongoing crisis if it continues to escalate and eventually comes to a head, says Julian Jessop, economist at Capital Economics. “Initially sight the turmoil in Greece has not had much impact on the gold price, which might ...

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China stock market bubble debate turns to when, not if, stocks will crash


It\’s no longer an issue of whether China\’s stock-market rally is really a bubble, however when the bubble will burst. Want in on China\’s A-shares? The devil is incorporated in the details Investors, even in the best of times, have a habit of chasing after bright shiny objects and latching on just like a fish to some lure. But in ...

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Market seasonality is mattering less and less


There is little debate that seasonality affects business activities in everything from construction to retail pricing. Investors also tend to view financial market risk and volatility as vulnerable to seasonal trends, with studies backing up this view in specific markets over certain amounts of time. But some caution should be taken when attemping to project traditional concepts of seasonality onto ...

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What’s going on with China’s stock market?


China’s stocks look to be falling back down to reality. After a legendary rally that saw the Shanghai Composite index climb a lot more than 40% this year and also the tech-heavy Shenzhen Composite rise a world-leading 90%, a correction – or maybe worse – looks to be in the works. Last week both indices lost more than 10%, falling ...

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Wage inflation suggests no end in sight for bull market


The count continues. It’s been 1,357 days without a 10 per cent correction for the S&P 500, bringing all of us the way to October 2011. While that may give the bears even more fuel to reason that a pullback in equities is originating, bull markets only tend to end with recessions. And these days, a recession doesn’t turn to ...

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Why emerging market stocks have better days ahead


Shanghai’s primary equity index plummeted into official bear market territory on Monday, but better days are ahead for emerging-market stocks, says Ian Scott, global equity strategist at Barclays Capital Markets. “EM equities now offer a higher risk premium than DM equities,” Scott said inside a note to clients. “Previously, that has meant they\’ve subsequently outperformed.” The strategist increased his recommended ...

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Millennials don’t trust the stock market, says Goldman Sachs poll


When it comes to the U.S. stock exchange, millennials can\’t even. That\’s the final outcome of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. survey that found 18 percent of the young adults trusted the stock market as \”the best way to save for the future.\” More than 20 per cent of the respondents said they didn\’t know enough about this, while another ...

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Will China’s stock market crash scare consumers from spending?


Policymakers in Beijing have spent much of the past few years trying to unlock the untapped potential of Chinese consumers given that they account for only 36 per cent of China’s gross domestic product, compared with the United States\’ roughly 66 per cent. But the collapse in Chinese stock prices, which have plummeted nearly 30 per cent since their mid-June ...

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