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Look beyond retail sales for what’s really happening with the U.S. economy


There is no sense sugar coating the April U.S. retail sales report released Wednesday – it was a dud. The headline was flat in comparison to the expected 0.2-per-cent month-over-month rise. The ex-auto sales category edged up 0.1 per cent, which was far shy of market expectations for any 0.5-per-cent bounce. And the retail \”control\” segment that feeds right into ...

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Onex share price looking attractive for long-term investors


RBC Capital Markets lowered its price target on Onex Corp. on Wednesday, but said the stock has become an attractive choice for long-term investors. The Toronto-based private-equity firm has long been a popular stock with investors seeking to time the marketplace. But RBC said the company’s strong development in the past few years means a longer-term view has taken hold. ...

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Hotel REITs to benefit from fragmented North American market


American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP is the perfect investment than InnVest REIT at the moment, says Brad Sturges, analyst at Industrial Alliance Securities, but both investment trusts are expected to benefit from North America’s highly fragmented hotel property market. “Its northern border American lodging market is highly fragmented with publicly owned hotel owners and operators representing under 6% of ...

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Wealth transfer could spur bull market ‘for some time to come’


Generations X and Y might contain the key to the current bull market\’s longevity, try not to worry, that\’s a good thing, says Tobias Levkovich, equity analyst at Citigroup Capital Markets. \”Many investors have centered on the aging boomers and also the elderly prior generation who developed the U.S. economic powerhouse post-World War II like a negative force and possess ...

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Why investors need to ignore futile investment forecasts


It\’s been a fascinating past fourteen days with the New Democratic Party winning the Alberta election, the Calgary Flames getting eliminated in the playoffs and I ruptured my Calf msucles at a father-son pickup the game of basketball. The one thing the 3 events have in common is that Never imagined any of them would happen. Perhaps there is a ...

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Is it time to invest in the basket case of European basket cases, Greece?


Beautiful beaches. Azure skies. Rich history. Without doubt, Greece has a lot going for it as being a travel destination. But while you are soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine and taking in the vistas and going to the Parthenon, ask this about Greece: could you stomach investing in its future? How Apple Inc might make money by bailing out Greece ...

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Why Quebecor Inc stands out in the Canadian telecom sector


TD Securities analyst Vince Valentini is pounding the table on Quebecor Inc., telling clients not one other stock within the Canadian telecom space provides the same combination of value and growth. He believes the seven-per-cent pullback in Quebecor shares since the company reported first-quarter results is “completely unwarranted.” The company’s initial phase wireless business had record average revenue per user ...

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How WSP Global is emerging as Canada’s engineering consulting giant


MONTREAL – WSP Global leader Pierre Shoiry says that as he presents the company’s strategy for the next 3 years at the shareholders meeting on Thursday, it’s likely to look a lot like the plan set out in 2012. \”It\’s going to be much more of exactly the same,\” said Shoiry at the?engineering consulting firm’s headquarters in Montreal. This is ...

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Mixed views on giant First Quantum financing


First Quantum Minerals Ltd. unveiled a blockbuster $1.25-billion stock offering Wednesday night, easily the largest equity offer the Canadian mining space this year. The Vancouver-based company didn\’t need to raise that much money, therefore the deal raises a clear question: Is it worth diluting shareholders so much? The offering, which is priced at $16.25 a share, will raise the share ...

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Why volatility can be an investor’s best friend


Stock market volatility is usually held up being an investing bugaboo, however it should not be feared since it creates possibilities to generate some pretty healthy returns. But investors will need to pick their spots given the valuation run-up recently and the chance of significant equity market pullbacks as rates of interest rise. Andrew Hamlin and Vivian Lo, portfolio managers ...

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