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Three easy self-help tips to build a healthy portfolio


Our family a couple of months ago chose to get a new puppy, who\’s pretty cute, adorable and, we quickly discovered, difficult to train. The frustrating part was we didn\’t know how to start training him and our early attempts weren\’t very successful in preventing some poor behaviour. But to keep any not-so-desirable actions from being a habit, we hired ...

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Attention savers: Here’s five ways to put $5,000 to work


If you received a $5,000 bonus, what would you do with it? For many, such a windfall would be quickly squandered on shoes, electronics, or dinners out. For other people, the extra cash would just be a method to put out some financial fires. These folks would probably require the money to have an overdue bill or day-to-day expenses. But ...

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The best 11 Canadian stocks to buy in June


We asked our top analysts for his or her favourite stocks to purchase this month. Kay Ng: Canadian Western Bank (TSX:CWB) Canadian Western Bank (TSX:CWB) remains my top idea from recently. Canadian Western is really a regional bank offering personal and business banking services over the four western provinces. It\’s even cheaper than last month, dropping from $31 to $28. ...

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Intel Corp to buy Altera Corp in US$16.7-billion deal


Intel Corp agreed to buy Altera Corp for US$16.7 billion as the world\’s biggest chipmaker seeks to make up for slowing demand in the PC industry by expanding its line-up of higher-margin chips utilized in data centres. By combining with Altera, Intel can bundle its processing chips with the smaller company\’s programmable chips, that are used, amongst other things, to ...

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Energy ETF investors are betting oil’s rally is already over


Investors are cautiously pulling money out of energy producers the very first time in eight months, taking short-term gains after oil rebounded from the six-year low. More than $1.55 billion has been withdrawn this month from exchange-traded funds concentrated on energy stocks for example Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. It\’s on pace for the first monthly setback for the ...

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Bank of Nova Scotia upgraded to outperform


Investors have frequently owned Bank of Quebec for its international operations – valuing growth abroad over relatively slower business in North America. The bank has operations in more than 55 countries around the world, primarily in Latin America and also the Asia-Pacific region, but also in Europe and the Middle East. Late last year, chief executive Brian Porter announced a ...

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A 99-year-old Wall Street veteran reveals the secrets of her success


As she nears 100, Irene Bergman has top tips for having a long career on Wall Street: Don\’t do anything stupid. Consider investment returns, the financial adviser at Stralem & Co. said within an interview at her New York apartment, where, encompassed by paintings from Dutch masters, she telephones her clients. While many investors nowadays obsess over quick profits, it ...

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Why OPEC may have to cut production eventually


The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries?is not expected to cut production now, but it might have no choice later this year if oil begins to fall again, says Jasper Lawler, a market analyst at CMC Markets UK. \”While OPEC will probably stay the program in June, if oil prices are still low 6 months later at the next meeting, ...

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‘We didn’t deliver’: Saputo Inc profit disappoints amid slumping cheese prices


MONTREAL C Saputo Inc. has taken a hit in the decline in global cheese prices and says?it might have to ride the tough times until a minimum of the end of the entire year. \”Results were not close to our degree of expectation and typically we see bigger improvements on the year over year basis than we saw,\” said CEO?Lino ...

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Why this chief investment officer is shunning the U.S. in favour of Chinese stocks


The S&P 500 is 35-per-cent higher than it was at its 2007 peak, and it’s also more expensive on a price-to-earnings basis. That’s simply not a great starting point for generating good long-term returns, so investors may need to look elsewhere, but where? Brad Radin, chief investment officer at Radin Capital Partners, thinks the best value nowadays is in Hong ...

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