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Five tales from the trenches: An ex-portfolio manager divulges what it’s really like


Investors and friends always used to ask me what being a portfolio manager was like. Sometimes, like in a conference for instance, I couldn\’t really tell the stories I wanted to. I needed to keep things professional and, obviously, in sales mode, since many portfolio managers do. Now that I no longer manage money, though, I can reveal several stories ...

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Three easy self-help tips to build a healthy portfolio


Our family a couple of months ago chose to get a new puppy, who\’s pretty cute, adorable and, we quickly discovered, difficult to train. The frustrating part was we didn\’t know how to start training him and our early attempts weren\’t very successful in preventing some poor behaviour. But to keep any not-so-desirable actions from being a habit, we hired ...

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How to make your portfolio ‘as inefficient as possible’: Pay down the mortgage


There’s been an abundance of fear-mongering concerning the Canadian housing market C whether that’s Deutsche Bank stating it is overvalued by 65 per cent, or U.S. hedge funds shorting the country’s banks and mortgage providers. Jerome Hass, a portfolio manager at Lightwater Partners Ltd., had similar views about the London, England, property market just under a decade ago, as well ...

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Boardwalk REIT sells its Windsor portfolio as apartment prices soar


Sam Kolias, who manages one of the country’s largest residential landlords, got a deal he couldn’t avoid – not an unusual situation in the red-hot apartment sector. Housing may get the headlines, but apartments are trading at prices that are the envy of investors in every other property class, including office, industrial and retail. Calgary-based Boardwalk Investment Trust said it ...

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