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Chances of Bank of Canada interest rate cut sit at 35%, says RBC’s Eric Lascelles


Chances the Bank of Canada will cut interest rates in the next couple of months are about one in three as a weaker currency does not boost exports and companies continue to grapple with lower oil prices, according to Eric Lascelles. Loonie overvalued by 10%, dragging on Canadian growth: CIBC CIBC World Markets says the loonie continues to be overvalued ...

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Bank of Canada cuts rate, guts loonie, confirming it’s going to be an ugly year for the Canadian dollar


The perfect storm for the loonie has arrived, say analysts, using the Bank of Canada rate cut, weak oil prices, a pokey economy along with a looming Federal election all ganging facing Canada’s currency. David Rosenberg just got a whole lot more cautious on the Canadian dollar We could be at the beginning of an extended bear market for the ...

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Are Canadian rate-sensitive funds on sale?


The focus on Greece may soon be considered a rear-view mirror event, but Canadian investors should still be thinking about last week’s Bank of Canada’s rate cut, especially since U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has reiterated the onset of interest rate normalization south from the border continues to be a 2015 event. Regardless of whether rates of interest are ...

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Fed on track for possible September rate hike amid improving economy, job market


WASHINGTON – The U.S. economy and employment market continue to strengthen, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday, leaving the doorway open for any possible interest rate hike when central bank policymakers next meet in September. Following a two-day policy meeting, Fed officials said they felt the economy had overcome a first-quarter slowdown and was \”expanding moderately\” despite a downturn within ...

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Improving U.S. economy points to possible rate hike in September


OTTAWA -?The U.S. economy picked up speed within the second quarter of 2015, thanks to stronger spending by consumers and an improving picture for that labour and housing markets. Is Canada still flirting with recession? Friday\’s GDP report will disclose more We’ll find out just how close the economy actually is to retracing the previous recession of 2008-09 when Statistics ...

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Popularity of rate resets vanishes as issuers opt for perpetual pref shares


Next Friday, Calgary-based Canadian Utilities Ltd. will get the net proceeds of their latest preferred share financing. If things exercise to the maximum, the company will have placed seven million shares at $25 a share C for which it will be necessary to pay 5.25 per cent a year. The base deal required five million shares to be removed; with ...

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