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Bank of America: The biggest risk to global stocks is exactly the opposite of what most people think


No one knows for sure when the Fed can make its first rate hike in nearly ten years, but Bank of America says most people are ignoring an interesting risk: that the Fed doesn’t hike and actually embarks on another round of QE. Here’s an excerpt from the note sent by the firm and lead analyst Savita Subramanian. Bond swings ...

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Is political contagion the bigger Greece risk?


Financial contagion is the big concern this morning?as talks between Greece and it is creditors have collapsed for that umpteenth time. Greece is dangling on brink of euro exit – and financial markets are finally getting worried Greece is on the point of economic meltdown as Germany looks poised to push the country out of the eurozone and financial markets, ...

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How much of a risk is an earnings recession for U.S. stocks?


Is Corporate America at risk of an earnings recession? Barclays Capital predicts that earnings at S&P 500 companies will shrink within the second quarter, with analysts expecting earnings per share for the 350 companies on the index to shrink by an average of 3.8 per cent. “Financial performance, as measured by revenue growth and earnings per share growth, isn\’t expected ...

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How much risk will investors add after Greece and the Fed?


Major markets are relatively flat so far in 2015, but there are several reasons to be optimistic about risk assets such as stocks. On the top, things don’t look everything different from this past year. Growth remains pretty weak and easy money is plentiful – this time in Europe, Japan and emerging markets. Global investors who\’ve likely loaded on both ...

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Why BlackRock is balancing lower-risk plays with upside hedges


Risk is everywhere on capital markets, from lofty valuations and uncertainty within the U.S. Fed tightening to the crisis in Greece and China’s equity market blow-up, but positive returns continue to be to be had for investors who are selective using their holdings, says a brand new report in the world’s largest asset manager. “We balance this using the knowledge ...

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Downside risk for Canadian stocks seen shifting away from resources


The Canadian equity marketplace is an easy target for bearish global investors, simply because of its heavy contact with commodities. But it’s helpful to group Canadian stocks into two classes: resource-oriented and anything else. What remains from the S&P/TSX composite index after removing resource stocks has actually matched the performance from the S&P 500 to date in 2015 and in ...

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