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Why it’s time for investors to set up a European front


It’s pretty hard to bet from the U.S. equity market these days, but with increases of the past couple of years looking like they’ll be tougher to conquer by the day, it may be finally time for investors to make a push into Europe. The U.S. economy continues to be the best of quite a bad lot globally for the ...

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Is it time to invest in the basket case of European basket cases, Greece?


Beautiful beaches. Azure skies. Rich history. Without doubt, Greece has a lot going for it as being a travel destination. But while you are soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine and taking in the vistas and going to the Parthenon, ask this about Greece: could you stomach investing in its future? How Apple Inc might make money by bailing out Greece ...

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Investors, it’s time to build up cash for potential pullback buys


The U.S. economy have made a turn for the better in recent weeks, but there remain plenty of signs that warrant near-term caution for equity investors. Although housing, autos, wages and other job-related data appear to be improving, important indicators such as market breadth happen to be fairly weak for the S&P 500 and S&P/TSX composite indexes. Trading volumes are ...

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Why it’s time for Stephen Poloz to swallow his pride and cut rates again


Earlier this year, not so good news for the economy was great news for stock markets. Just about every time some troubling economic data were released in the United States, stock markets rebounded. The S&P/TSX composite index, meanwhile, climbed by nearly five per cent in the four weeks following the Bank of Canada\’s surprise rate decline in January. Why the ...

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Why David Wolf says now is not the time to abandon bonds


The threat of higher interest rates has been a persistent theme in the last few years that has many investors running scared from bond markets, but Fidelity Investments’ David Wolf doesn’t frighten simple and easy , isn’t ready to join the fleeing crowd just yet. Worst bond crash in almost 3 decades is early warning of turmoil to come The ...

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Why it’s time to be overweight technology


If there is one sector you want to be in these days, it’s technology. U.S. tech stocks happen to be among the best market performers this year, and they are likely to continue that way because of healthy long-term trends in both earnings and cash flow, together with very strong corporate balance sheets. “Although the sector isn\’t growing earnings as ...

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Time for emerging market central banks to step up


It’s time for emerging market central banks to execute a little more heavily lifting for the global economy, after some help from the U.S. Fed. As Martin Roberge, portfolio strategist at Canaccord Genuity, highlights, every time there is an economic slowdown, it triggers a fiscal response by developed market central banks like the Fed and European Central Bank. As a ...

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