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What’s going on with global trade?


In the three decades prior to the recent financial crisis, rapid globalization helped the world’s trade grow at twice the rate of the global economy.?But those halcyon days seem to be behind us. Instead, global trade is becoming stubbornly weak and it has yet revisit its pre-crisis levels, all the while continuing to trend below the world’s GDP growth. The ...

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Never mind hedge funds, ETF trade has now topped America’s entire GDP


Everyone is talking about how exchange-traded funds have now overtaken?hedge funds in terms of total assets. That\’s small change?compared with?how much ETFs?trade nowadays. In yesteryear 12 months investors traded US$18.2 trillion price of ETF shares, based on data from the New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg. That\’s?a 17 per cent increase from the 12 months prior and most triple what ...

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