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Worst bond crash in almost 30 years is early warning of turmoil to come


The global deflation trade is unwinding with a vengeance. Yields on 10-year Bunds blew through 1 percent this week, spearheading a violent repricing of credit across the world\’s economic climate. The scale is beginning to match the “taper tantrum” of mid-2013, when the US Federal Reserve issued its first gentle warning that quantitative easing wouldn\’t last forever, which the long-feared ...

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Financial turmoil in August? Best keep your smartphone by the pool


Everybody can take their feet up and relax. We are heading in to the dog days of summer. And even in uncertain times, we can be sure of one thing: nothing associated with a real importance is going to happen within the next four weeks. How short sellers are accumulating a new front within their war on Canadian stocks The ...

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