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Attention savers: Here’s five ways to put $5,000 to work


If you received a $5,000 bonus, what would you do with it? For many, such a windfall would be quickly squandered on shoes, electronics, or dinners out. For other people, the extra cash would just be a method to put out some financial fires. These folks would probably require the money to have an overdue bill or day-to-day expenses. But ...

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Sometimes the old ways are not always the best for investors


Legendary analyst Laszlo Birinyi\’s latest suggestion that the S&P 500 could rise another 50 per cent to 3,200 over the next 2 yrs has to be a real head-scratcher for more bearish investors counting on famous valuation metrics such as the Shiller price/earnings and Tobin’s Q ratios. Why investors have to adopt new tactics from time to time David Kaufman: ...

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